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  • The company is an owner-managed, independent and regional real estate company with a well-developed international customer base.

  • The company focuses on the sale, rental and appraisal of residential and commercial properties.

  • Our actions towards customers are transparent and understandable and we take full responsibility for our actions.

  • We act with expertise, care, accuracy, empathy and advise personally, competently and individually.

  • The confidentiality, discretion and data protection of our customers have the highest priority for us.

  • We commit ourselves to constant training and further education for our customers and ensure that all employees of WOLF IMMOBILIEN have a real estate management education.

  • We have adequate property damage liability insurance and professional liability insurance that is appropriate to the business operations in terms of amount and type.

  • All employees of the company who work in real estate brokerage have a business license in accordance with Section 34 C of the Trade Regulations. (Broker's license)

  • Our information in advertisements is truthful, correct and not misleading.


  • Our basic values ​​are seriousness, reliability, transparency and openness.

  • We work goal-oriented at all times in order to achieve the desired goal of our customers.

  • The satisfaction of our customers and business partners is always in the foreground of the mediation activities, which we carry out every day with passion and humanity.

  • Responsibility and respect for our customers and business partners is our top priority.

  • We meet our customers and business partners at eye level at all times with a lot of understanding and a solution and goal orientation.

  • Loyalty, collegiality and security are an indispensable part of our corporate culture.

  • A consensus-oriented corporate policy as well as the personal discipline and motivation of each employee contribute to the fact that we guarantee our service to our customers consistently with reliable quality.

  • Our customers, partners and investors should particularly appreciate our well-selected and high-quality properties from our well-stocked portfolio.

  • We are clearly committed to a strong responsibility towards the environment and the protection of it, and we implement this by creating a new awareness both internally and externally through appropriate environmentally friendly and energetically advantageous measures.

  • We stand for shaping the future through an unmistakable and credible presentation with professional and social competence.

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